Gothic Live Stream, Colorado


Gothic, Colorado

Live webcam from the isolated cabin of Billy Bar, located in Gothic, Colorado, at an elevation of 3,830 meters (12,631 feet).

Billy Bar, known as the “Snow Guardian“, is a unique and remarkable figure renowned for his dedication to environmental data collection in the remote Rocky Mountains.

Since the mid-1970s, Barr has meticulously recorded daily weather data, including snowfall, snow depth, temperatures, and animal sightings.

His extensive, consistent data over more than 40 years has provided valuable insights into climate change and its impact on alpine environments.

Although initially personal, his data collection has become a crucial resource for scientists at RMBL and beyond, aiding in various environmental and climate research projects.

His story has been the subject of documentaries, bringing attention to the importance of long-term environmental data collection.

Source: YouTube

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