Limone sul Garda live webcam, Italy


Limone sul Garda, Italy

Live webcam from Limone sul Garda, located on the western shore of Italy‘s Lake Garda, a picturesque town known for its lemon groves, from which its name is derived. Framed by the dramatic backdrop of steep cliffs and the serene waters of the lake, Limone sul Garda boasts a charming historic center with narrow streets and colorful buildings. The town’s terraced lemon groves, cultivating the unique “Limonaia del Castèl” variety, contribute to its distinct character.

Popular for water sports and outdoor activities, visitors can enjoy sailing on the lake, windsurfing, and exploring the surrounding hills through hiking and biking. With cultural events, festivals, and a welcoming waterfront promenade, Limone sul Garda offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, historical charm, and recreational opportunities for those seeking a tranquil escape on the shores of Lake Garda.

Source: Hotel La Fiorita

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