Mount Shahdag Live Cam, Azerbaijan


Mount Shahdag, Azerbaijan

Mount Shahdag live cam. Also known as Mount Bazarduzu, this mountain has the highest peak in Azerbaijan and the entire Caucasus range, towering at an elevation of 4,466 meters (14,652 feet) above sea level.

Located in the northern reaches of Azerbaijan, near the border with Russia, it is a prominent feature of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. Situated within the confines of the Gusar region, Mount Shahdag stands as the centerpiece of the Shahdag National Park, drawing climbers and trekkers to navigate its challenging terrain during the summer climbing season.

The park, established to safeguard the diverse flora and fauna of the region, contributes to the area’s cultural significance as the name “Shahdag” translates to “King Mountain” in Azerbaijani, reflecting its importance in local folklore.

The climate around Mount Shahdag varies, featuring alpine conditions at higher elevations with mild summers and harsh winters characterized by heavy snowfall. Conservation efforts are underway to preserve the natural habitats and ecosystems, ensuring the sustainability of the region’s biodiversity.

Source: Shadagh Mountain Resort

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