Kīlauea Volcano Webcam, Hawaii


Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaii

Kīlauea Volcano webcam, a prominent shield volcano located on the eastern side of Hawaii‘s Big Island, one of the most active volcanoes globally, having maintained a continuous eruption since January 3, 1983, known as the Pu’u ‘Ō’ō eruption.

Nestled along the southeastern slope of the colossal Mauna Loa, Earth’s largest shield volcano, Kīlauea exhibits a relatively low profile while producing basaltic lava characterized by its fluidity and low viscosity, enabling it to flow extensively. This ongoing eruption, coupled with the destructive 1955 event, has resulted in vast lava flows covering significant areas, including villages and infrastructure.

The volcano has a summit caldera named Halema’uma’u, which resides within the larger Kīlauea Caldera, and has experienced notable changes over the years, including the formation of a lava lake within the crater. Kīlauea holds cultural significance in Hawaiian beliefs, associated with the goddess Pele, the deity of volcanoes and fire, influencing local mythology and traditions.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, housing Kīlauea, attracts tourists and scientists eager to explore the volcanic landscapes, while the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory diligently monitors the volcano, providing real-time data to predict and manage potential hazards associated with its dynamic activity.

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