Mori Point Live Cam, Pacifica, California


Mori Point, Pacifica, California

Mori Point live cam, located in Pacifica, California, within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, a captivating promontory with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Characterized by its rugged cliffs, bluffs, and coastal scrub vegetation, Mori Point offers an inviting landscape for nature enthusiasts. The network of trails, most notably the Mori Point Trail, provides hikers with easy access to panoramic viewpoints, revealing the area’s diverse flora and fauna. This federally protected site holds historical significance, reflecting Native American use and serving as a location for the Mori family’s dairy farming activities.

With coastal dunes and a small beach, Mori Point adds ecological richness to its allure. Birdwatchers are drawn to the diverse avian life, including peregrine falcons, while the point’s westerly orientation makes it a sought-after spot for sunset enthusiasts and photographers capturing the changing hues of the sky over the Pacific.

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