Save the Manatee Club Cam, Longwood, Florida


Blue Spring Manatee, Longwood, Florida

Save the Manatee Club cam, a nonprofit organization established in 1981 by Jimmy Buffett and Bob Graham, dedicated to safeguarding the endangered manatees and their habitats.

At the forefront of their mission is advocacy, shaping policies and regulations to mitigate threats like boat strikes and habitat degradation, leveraging partnerships with government agencies and legislators to enact protective measures.

Through funding scientific research and fostering public awareness, Save the Manatee Club enlightens communities about the critical role of manatees, emphasizing the need for concerted conservation efforts. Central to their initiatives is the deployment of cutting-edge technology such as the Blue Spring Manatee Cam, providing real-time insights into manatee habitats and behavior, fostering a deeper connection with these gentle giants.

Additionally, the organization collaborates with wildlife rescue teams, ensuring prompt intervention for injured or orphaned manatees, and supports habitat restoration projects to create sanctuaries where manatees can thrive undisturbed. With Save the Manatee Club’s unwavering commitment, the future of manatees is illuminated, promising a harmonious coexistence between these beloved creatures and their human counterparts.

Source: YouTube

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