Live From Nanaimo Harbor, British Columbia, Canada


Nanaimo Harbor, British Columbia, Canada

Enjoy the 24/7 live feed broadcasting live from Nanaimo Harbor. This natural harbor is located on the east coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

The historic port dates back to the 19th century when European explorers used the port for fishing shelter.

Three ships have been deliberately sunk around Nanaimo harbor to serve as artificial reefs. These include HMCS Saskatchewan, a Canadian destroyer sunk in 1997, HMCS Cape Breton, a World War II Victory Class ship scuttled in October 2001, and the tugboat Rivtow Lion (formerly HMRT Prudent), a British Navy ship from World War II, sunk in 2005. These sunken vessels now provide habitats for marine life and are popular sites for diving enthusiasts to explore.

Source: YouTube

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