Passo Lanciano webcam, Majelletta, Italy


Passo Lanciano, Majelletta, Italy

Live webcam from Passo Lanciano, also known as Majelletta, located in the breathtaking Majella Massif of the central Apennines, and stands as a picturesque mountain pass and a renowned ski resort in Italy. Embraced by the Majella National Park, the area captivates visitors with its stunning winter landscapes, offering a range of ski slopes for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Beyond the snow-covered slopes, Passo Lanciano transforms into a haven for summer activities, inviting hikers to explore the diverse trails within the national park. The region’s cultural and historical charm, showcased in nearby towns and villages, adds to the allure of this destination, making it a versatile and appealing retreat for those seeking both outdoor adventure and tranquil mountain vistas.

Source: ScenariDigitali

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