U.S Capitol Webcam, Washington D.C.


U.S Capitol, Washington D.C.

U.S Capitol webcam, located on Capitol Hill at the edge of the National Mall, in Washington, D.C. home of the United States Congress.

Commencing construction in 1793 and hosting legislative sessions from 1800 onwards, the Capitol has undergone numerous renovations and expansions to meet the evolving needs of the federal government. Its neoclassical design, initially designed by architect William Thornton and subsequently modified by Benjamin Latrobe and Thomas U. Walter, encompasses the iconic dome, completed in the 1860s. Its main components include the Capitol Building, Senate chamber, House of Representatives chamber, East Front, West Front, National Statuary Hall and Rotunda. The Senate Chamber is located to its north while the House of Representatives Chamber lies to its south. The iconic dome of the Capitol was extensively restored in the mid 19th century, now proudly displays a statue called “Freedom” on top.

The Capitol serves as a venue for sessions joint meetings of The Capitol Visitor Center, located beneath the East Front, provides information, exhibits, and tours for the public. Guarded by the United States Capitol Police, the Capitol stands not only as a functional government building but as a powerful symbol of democratic principles and a witness to significant events in American history.

Source: US Senate

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