Israel – Gaza War Live Webcams

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We’re aware of a problem with this webcam.

Israel - Gaza war live webcams

Live webcams showing different places during the recent escalation in the Middle East and the unfolding Israel – Gaza war – Gaza, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashdod and Nablus.

In the early morning of Saturday, October 7th 2023, a series of attacks unfolded, with a rocket barrage of over 3,000 rockets targeting Israel. Simultaneously, there were incursions into Israeli territory using vehicle-transported and powered paragliders. Hamas militants breached the Gaza–Israel barrier, launching assaults on Israeli civilian communities, military bases, and a music festival near Re’im. The outcome was tragic, resulting in 1,139 casualties, including 695 Israeli civilians (among them 36 children), 71 foreign nationals, and 373 members of the security forces. Additionally, around 250 Israeli civilians and soldiers were seized as hostages and taken to the Gaza Strip, including 30 children.

In response, the Israeli Army quickly cleared Hamas militants and launched an extensive aerial bombardments, followed by large-scale ground invasion targeting Hamas militants and assets.

Since October 7, 2023, this conflict has been centered primarily in and around the Gaza Strip, with additional clashes in the West Bank and along the Israel–Lebanon border.

As tensions persist, nearly all of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents and approximately 500,000 Israelis were displaced from their homes. Witness the developments firsthand with our Israel – Gaza war live webcam, providing you with real-time insights into this complex geopolitical landscape.

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